Malware Fix

Thank you for using AOL products. Please click the "Click to Download Now" button below to correct an issue related to malicious software from a third party which is interfering with AOL's software. You may need this update if you are unable to launch AOL.

After downloading the utility, follow the instructions below to repair your system.

We strongly recommend that you print this page, as you will need to reboot your system to conduct the repair.

Download Patch Now

Steps to Repair AOL Following Infection

Run the AOLCONNFIX.EXE utility:

1) From the Windows Taskbar, click "Start > Run...". When asked for the file name to open, click "Browse" and locate the AOLCONNFIX.EXE file you just downloaded, then click "Open" to run the program.

2) If the malware is found and successfully cleaned from your system, you will see a box that says "Malware has been removed.", and you will asked to reboot Windows. Click the "Ok" button to reboot. Click "Cancel" to continue what you were doing and reboot later. NOTE: Changes will not take effect until you reboot Windows.

3) If the malware was not found on your system, you will see a box that says "The malware was not detected." Click "OK" button to close.